Maxdaemon is a web application server framework written in Perl. It comprises a fast, lightweighted HTTP(S) daemon with three kinds of CGI interfaces, a web surface to manage content, design and applications, a runtime system and a development and integration environment.

Audience and Scope

The intended audience are persons and companies involved in the design, implementation and administration of web servers, web sites, web services and secure peer-to-peer communication. At this development stage Maxdaemon is especially interesting for those how are familiar with UNIX and have some knowledge of the Perl programming language or want to learn about web application servers and network programming.

The Maxdaemon framework comprises various generic modules and components necessary to develop and maintain dynamic web sites and services or to set up secure peer-to-peer networks by installing it on all ends. The web surface and several (prototype) applications like a WebSocket chat and a life stream show how to build applications on top of the server.

Learn More & Contact

Learn more about Maxdaemon and Maxscape at If you have questions, if you like to contribute or if you want to be part of the project contact me. Either you become a member of and send a message to the member 'Max' or you can use the public Maxscape contact form.